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Rostovskaya Embankment, 5, room 9, entrance from the facade of the building.

The nearest metro station is Kievskaya, Smolenskaya

The principle of a systematic approach to skin health

About Clinic

The principle of a systematic approach to skin health, as part of a single whole of the whole organism, was embedded in the ideology of the ROSH Medical Center. We believe that not only the work of a doctor is important, but also the patient's responsible attitude to his appearance and lifestyle – the state of the immune, digestive and hormonal systems, accumulated stress and the microbiota of the body. After all, it is only through joint work that you can come to an ideal result. As part of complex therapy, our specialists collect a thorough medical history, prescribe medications, cosmetic procedures, apply various hardware, manual and injection techniques, give recommendations on proper nutrition and home care.

Skin health is above all

ROSH is primarily a healthy skin clinic. We do anti-aging procedures of all directions at a high level, but still we consider dermatology to be our main profile. There are many cosmetology clinics, but it is the clinics that work at ROSH. We deal with the skin as a single organ - from diagnosis, if required, with the involvement of an endocrinologist, gynecologist, deep immunological diagnostics. Until the completion of the treatment process and the consolidation of the result. The skin needs to be treated from the basics and from the cause, and not to mask the problem with temporary methods. For example, a laser can temporarily improve the condition of the skin, but the problem will repeat again, because the disease itself has not been treated.

Clinic, not salon

This speaks not only about the quality of medical care provided, but also about the fact that there is an absolutely working atmosphere at ROSH. This is not a place where you come to relax. This is a deeply medical institution where you are a patient. And like other medical hospitals, there may be several patients in one office, each on his couch through a screen (naturally excluding some infectious diseases, etc.). But every patient is being treated at the same time. Клиника ROSH организована по западному образцу, как дневной стационар, и мы держим свой стандарт на протяжении многих лет.

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